50 Years of the Smiley And Local Brand From Indonesia

50 Years of the Smiley And Local Brand From Indonesia

Smiley is the original collaborator brand, their defiantly optimistic energy has inspired generations for over 50 years. The enduring positive impact of the most universally recognizable symbol in the world, represented freedom in the 1970s, defined music subcultures in the 80s and 90s and, in the 2000s, alongside their growing fashion and art status, became a vanguard of the digital revolution with the creation of the emoticons – a new visual form of communication. Turning 50 in 2021, Smiley is again leading the way with the launch of a first-of-its-kind ­campaign Future Positive, working with global brands to tackle worldwide social and climate injustice through sustainable and transparently-produced products.

As part of the 50th anniversary, Smiley just collaborated with some local brands from Indonesia to create one outfit by putting Smiley on every product campaign: Eyez On Me, HAM! Jeansku, Gio Cardin, and Niion. Even though Smiley reawakened its original mantra ‘Take the Time to Smile’ through a broad range of different collaborations, we have to know that each brand has a unique story behind it. They create a jacket, shoes, jeans, and a bag for every occasion. Here’s the story of every brand. 

Eyez On Me

Eyez On Me by Natarey is a fashion brand creating a truly unique combining art and fashion from Indonesia since 2018. Eyez on me mainly focuses on making jackets, each eyez on me jacket is tailored, hand painted, embroidered and applied with selected materials. Eyez on me ensures that 1/1 product has their own unique DNA that represents the user, creating a recognizable work of art.

Gio Cardin

Gio Cardin is a local shoe brand from Indonesia that presents one pair of shoes for various activities. Gio Cardin was founded in 2009 and started by producing leather loafers and becoming a vendor to retail stores. In 2019 Gio Cardin entered the youth community with minimalist products with the original tagline Minimalist Movement. Gio Cardin is consistently produced by shoe artisans who have expertise in the footwear industry using handmade methods.

HAM! Jeansku

This brand is made with heart by Jeans Artist based in Indonesia. Every piece is made by artisans to specifically engage with daily activities, with comfort and style in mind. HAM! Jeansku is truly committed to make the greatest Jeans model, and colour.


The journey was started in 2013, the four products were developed and became the products that people need unconsciously. The products bring functionality and also act as a style item as well. NIION is through the value we attach to each product: Less material combinations, Less Accessories Used, Reusability, and Durability. The advantages of our products are Multi Color Collection, Foldability, Signature Unicolor, Multiple Styling. When life was so chaotic & hectic, NIION was made for an easier life, back to basic and simplicity.

After testing some failures and errors, We successfully launched all of the collection at Urban Sneakers Society on 9th December - 11th December 2022. Here’s the detail of each product they create.

Smiley x EOM x Gio Cardin

Smiley x EOM x Gio Cardin

Smiley x EOM x Gio Cardin

Smiley x EOM x Gio Cardin

Choose your Smiley collection only at our website and your favorite marketplace. 

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